Renewable Energy Projects

Getting a grip on document control

Most renewable energy projects involve multiple stakeholders and a large number of documents to be efficiently managed.

The complexity and magnitude of renewable energy generation and storage technology requires structured, controlled processes to ensure that all documents and engineering drawings are accurate, reviewed, and approved before being released for construction.

A single version of the (documentation) truth is required to keep project teams on the same page and to collaborate and communicate more effectively.

Viewpoint for Projects can help with all these typical project challenges and ensure that all your renewable energy projects are delivered on time and within budget. The flexible workflow engine guides documents through review and approval. Track ball-in-court and make sure the right people are reviewing, revising, and approving the most up-to-date version.

Security and control of sensitive information between all parties and stakeholders involved, including the client, consultants and any subcontractors, is key to any renewable energy project. This control and security extends to internal information and all communications can be run and tracked through Viewpoint For Projects rather than by email.

Viewpoint For Projects is a powerful collaboration solution for project management. As a cloud-based document control solution, it helps alleviate project uncertainties by streamlining documentation, reducing errors, mitigating risks, and avoiding duplication of efforts.

To learn how Viewpoint for Projects has helped deliver many successful renewable energy projects and explore the relevance for your next construction project, please contact us a

Deliver the project, not the paperwork

How to improve efficiency on construction projects.

Designed for use within a live construction project environment, Field View is a cloud-based task management tool and electronic forms and process control system that enhances workflow, mobility, and communications. Collecting site information to share with managers and project stakeholders ensures that transparency into project safety, quality and defect management is a part of every project, saving you and your client from headaches down the road. Bringing Synergy between the project team.

What service/solution do you offer the construction industry?

Rely on Field View to shorten time spent recording data and managing paperwork, communicate faster with your supply chain, avoid errors via web communication, and preserve the integrity of your projects with quality assurance. This tablet-based application allows project teams to access everything they need on site, so corrective actions are delivered fast and you have the reassurance that no detail was overlooked.

With Field View you can easily create mobile field forms – accessible on Android, Windows & iOS tablet apps – yourself to streamline disparate processes for all your field data. This includes giving your field users an easy-to-use mobile application to capture field observations from anywhere on the job site — even when there is no internet connection — helping to resolve issues more quickly, reduce risk and deliver higher quality projects.

What makes it unique?

With Field View, project teams have greater project controls, transparency into safety, quality and defect management. Project teams rely on Field View to shorten time spent recording data and managing paperwork, communicate faster with suppliers, avoid errors via web communication, and preserve the integrity of projects with quality assurance. Features allow you to:

  • Collect site information to share with managers and project stakeholders

  • Quickly and easily complete permits, manage defects, manage your safety walk, etc.

  • Efficiently track the progress on projects

  • Link your processes with drawings for quick reference and reporting

You’ll gain greater visibility and performance across projects with the following capabilities of Field View.

Accuracy & Control

Accountability and collaboration are in focus. Corrective actions are delivered fast, providing the reassurance that no detail was overlooked. You can also ensure transparency into project safety, quality, and defect management is a part of every project. This saves you and your client from headaches down the road.

Quality & Performance

Drive efficiency and productivity within your project and business by bringing together accurate quality and performance information.


Project Teams can easily stay on top of snags and track incomplete work, damage, and any other task that requires management, action, or coordination. You can also configure the solution to automatically email relevant subcontractors with an updated snag list highlighting necessary remedial work.

Health & Safety Forms

Deal with issues quickly and effectively while keeping the site safe as you use tablets with Field View to access data and maintain a site diary for health and safety inspections. Plus, run reports and charts using a dashboard interface with analytical and drilling capabilities.

Quality/Progress Reports & Inspections

Quality managers, engineers, and site teams can make informed decisions that help drive improvement. Build accurate records of any issues by taking photos, annotating with details, and noting with photo mark-up and comment tools. Every submission is securely time and date stamped for valuable audit trails.

Commissioning, Inspections & Reports

Easily create process control operations for construction activities or checklists for repetitive inspection processes. Define hold-points and create rules that require forms, tasks, or signatures. With on-screen project drawings, you can identify the precise location of an issue, snap a photo with the built-in camera, and embed in the document.

Asset and Facilities Management

Regarding inspections, audits, and surveys, you can manage fixed and moveable assets, including plant and hired equipment; also carry out compliance checking and room data checks. Attach photos, comments, tasks, and forms to assets as part of your auditing process.

Process Management

Create consistency with your business processes with the ability to create rules that require specific items and define a specific path that must be followed to create, track, and complete checklists and repetitive inspection processes.

Business Intelligence

Quickly check your performance on projects with dashboards that can be built to specification using a growing selection of standard dashboard charts and graphics.

When was the product launched?

Viewpoint is a US based construction software company with more than 35 years’ experience. The UK based company, formerly known as Mobile Computing System Priority 1, was  acquired by Viewpoint Construction Software in December 2014, resulting in the product now known as Viewpoint For Field View.  In August 2016, Viewpoint appointed Agile Business Technology ( as the authorised partner and reseller for Viewpoint’s suite of products in Africa.

Do you offer training?

Field View end-users require very little or no training as the software is fairly intuitive and easy to use, takes about 30 minutes to train your staff the functionality of snagging items on the tablet. Administrator and Super-User training is normally conducted as part of the 2-3 day implementation phase of the software.

What are the benefits?

Field View™ shortens time spent recording data and managing paperwork, communicate faster with your supply chain, avoid errors via web communication and preserve the integrity of your projects with quality assurance.  It also delivers quantifiable cost savings in the form of information management time, print and error reduction impact. The convenient tablet application allows users to access everything they need on site. Benefits include:

  • Less paperwork and less printing

  • Access your project information from anywhere with an internet connection

  • Faster reporting – electronic reports can be collated automatically

  • More consistent data capture and reporting

  • Better audit trails – digitised ‘paperwork’ cannot be lost

  • Improved project quality and safety

Asset owners and portfolio owners are also starting to realise the ongoing benefit a solution like Viewpoint brings to their organisations during the Asset Maintenance and Portfolio Management phases of projects.

Where are you based?

Viewpoint is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, USA, and the main EMEA office is based in Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK. They also have regional offices in the Middle East (Dubai) and Australia and the global workforce now boasts more 900 employees. In addition to this workforce, Viewpoint has global network partners including the recently formed partnership with Agile Business Technology, based in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Contact Agile for further information on Viewpoint at

Who are some of your clients?

Viewpoint for Field View™ is primarily used by construction companies, asset owners, developers, project managers, architects and engineering consultants. Global Clients include the Birmingham New Street Station, Grand Central Shopping Mall, Willmott Dixon and many more.

How cost effective is the solution?

Field View is a cloud based SaaS (Software as a Service) offering and can be purchased on a User, Project or Enterprise basis. Clients who only want to use Viewpoint for specific projects would purchase (‘rent’) the use of the software for the duration of the project, whereas companies wanting to execute all their projects on Viewpoint normally acquires an enterprise license. The right software for exceeding project profitability, delivery, and quality expectations, Field View is simple and easy to use, quick to deploy, and can deliver tangible returns on your technology investment.

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